Brandgrafica is an independent studio, owned and run by a group of friends who are all leaders in their individual fields, each with more then 10 years' experience. Our main fields of expertise are: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Identity Content & Brand Spaces. We do a full range of print materials, product and packaging design, websites, 3D modeling and animation.

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Design, Russian and English

Brandgrafica это независимая студия, принадлежащая и управляемая группой друзей, которые являются лидерами в своей области, каждый с опытом более 10 лет. Наши основные направления: Стратегия Бренда, Идентичность Бренда, Контент Бренда и Бренд-пространство. Мы выполняем полный спектр работ по дизайну любых печатных материалов, объектного и продуктового дизайна, упаковки, веб-сайтов, 3D-моделирования и анимации.
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Somewhere inside, we all believe that the whole world revolves around us. Each of us needs personal space, personal time. Time that we do not want to share with anyone. Time that can be fully devoted to ourselves. Time to relax, to dream or just to release steam. Whether it's a drive along a racing track, a slow drift on calm ocean waters, or a sip of hot coffee in the morning, we call it — quality time, and if you call it egoism — so be it!
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