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I'm a Multi-Discipline Designer and an Art Director from Moscow.
I was a Designer in a few design studios, and later,
an Art Director at an award-winning design studio — N3 Design.
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Malboro Neuland/Mulitimedia space

It was a pleasure to be an art director and set designer on this project along with many talented people from N3 Design, who made a great idea come to life.

Large-scale immersive digital installation of visual art and sound design. Immersive floor and walls were set to react to every step and move that person would make. How? With a smooth sound and it's abstract visualization on the wall and floor screens. Thus, a number of dancers were able to create a special Music x Visual composition that could be only repeated with chances as good as 1 to bazillion. Which makes it truly unique. The immersive space was complimented with Hololens zone, offering audience to complete an exciting quest in mixed reality.
Full project here: http://upandbeyond.com/projects/neuland-multimedia-space/

Tools&Detail: Art direction, Graphic design.

A new visual look and feel of a unified national track & trace digital system
"Chestny Znak" created by the Center for Research in Perspective

Tools&Detail: Art direction, Graphic design, 3D modeling, Render, Compositing.
Explanatory video. Consumer
Still shots of one of consumer explanatory videos created usign the new visual style.
Explanatory video. Consumer
Style still shots created usign the new visual style.
CCTV4 National Treasure

Tv show focusing on showcasing of museum level cultural artefacts and rarities
in playful and knowledgable way. While thinking of the concepts we were focused
on the idea of implementing the traditional decoration elements in the new CGI
format — abstract, but at the same time with spirit inside.
Full project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/92220437/CCTV-4-National-Treasure

Tools&Detail: Art direction, Graphic design, 3D modeling, Render, Compositing.
1st Concept. Treasure mosaic
The concept of mosaic or a puzzle. The idea is that each artifact, historical object or history event are all part of a very long history of one of the greatest nations. Piece by piece we see this history unravel and a bigger picture revealed.
2nd Concept. Glass Dragon
Dragon and fan shapes are two of the main symbols for China and its history.
CCTV4 News at Noon

"News at noon" is the prime-time and one of the most watched TV programs of CCTV network. For sure it had to be classy, with highest standard of visual, but with the local twist to show it's direct connection with China. And yes it needed the well know news symbols — the Globe as the key element
Full project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/92042321/CCTV-4-News-At-Noon

Tools&Detail: Art direction, Graphic design, 3D modeling, Render, Compositing.
1st Concept. Infinite transformation
The concept is all about information flow, the constantly turning and changing world around us and it's about speed,
speed with which news is delivered to its viewer.
2nd Concept. Liquid gold
This is the exploration of 2 iconic colours (red and gold) as the symbols of prosperity and success, economical pride
and global expansion. The atmosphere in this concept is darker and more minimal, which perfectly correlates with antique
gold covering and decoration of grand palaces and sacred halls.

BTV Beijing TV

Reinventing look and feel of one of the most important official channels in China. Created a whole new visual concept of mixing big data analysis and traditional
stylistics — simple, complex and playful at the same time.
Full project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/80212513/BTV

Tools&Detail: Art direction, Logo design, Graphic design, 3D modeling, Render, Compositing.

Among the global projects of the USSR, a special place is taken by the Arctic and Atomic. One is spatial, the other one is technological. The icebreaking fleet united them into a working platform. For already six decades, the "atomic heroes" have been paving ways in the freezing seas of the Arctic Ocean. Nowadays, new icebreakers are being built at the native shipyards. Where the Russian nuclear fleet will work? What tasks will be performed by ships capable of breaking multimeter-sized ice?
We will discover this from a short video and congratulate ice-breakers on their anniversary and "new youth".
Full project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/90796135/Rosatomflot

Tools&Detail: Art direction, Graphic design.

360 indoor video mapping for Annual Management Conference.
24K video projection. Universe of MTS achievements as an intro and Future Camp
as a main part. An animated background for speakers, interactive animated environment allowing to demonstrate '2017 facts and figures in a futuristic way.
Full project here: http://upandbeyond.com/projects/mts-future-camp/

Tools&Detail: Art direction, Logo design, Graphic design. Сoncept modeling, concept and interior render.
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